Reputation Management

Reputation is Everything for a Business

Those who have done business with you have something to say about your brand. Regardless if it’s good or bad, what they say about you can affect the way future prospects view you and their decision to do business with you.  

Online reputation management lets you maintain a positive image that builds confidence and trust among both your prospects and existing customers.

Your brand can benefit from Canadian Advanced Digital’s reputation management services. We have invested in tools and technology that help you build or regain a positive reputation online. In a world where it’s easier to share comments and opinion, we work to reverse negative web presence before it spreads and hurts your business.

We take over everything that appears on search results, from your business’s online profiles to customer feedback and brand mentions. We track, improve, and clean up how your brand is seen online.

Through effective reputation management, we seal your customer’s decision to contact your business, and we help search engines recognize you as a trusted and authoritative business.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Build a Positive Brand Identity

To make the most of reputation management, you need to understand the language consumers use on digital platforms. Our monitoring tools let you comprehend your customers’ social language including slang, acronyms, and jargon. Then, we extract insight from customers and use it to come up with a reputation management strategy aligned with your target market’s sentiments.

Bounce Back from Online Attacks

Awful reviews from customers, comments from a disgruntled former employee – all of these could be the first thing a potential customer sees when they look up your business. We help you bounce back from online attacks by managing your listings and reviews on Google My Business and other business listing platforms. We help you identify and respond to weak signals and negative sentiment on social media to solidify a positive brand identity and online presence.