About Us

Canadian Advanced Digital is Passionate About Helping Small Businesses Find Their Voice In A Cluttered Market

The Behind Canadian Advanced Digital

I started working for a nonprofit called Dunham House when I was 20, and was tasked with managing everything that involved a keyboard. It was here I created my very first website. It was clunky, slow, and just didn’t look right. Much to the dismay of the Board of Directors, I presented yet another website, completely redesigned just a month later! Spoiler alert: that one was slow too, but looked a little better, and wasn’t quite as clunky. I tried my hand at a few different technologies, companies, and services over the next few years, and created website after website, each one slightly better than the last. When finally I was happy with it, my next task was to drive traffic. I quickly learned how huge a job optimizing a website was! But I did it! And I loved the learning experience of it, loved the technical detail of optimizing every little piece one by one, and fell completely in love with watching the traffic go up after I made changes. That brings me to late 2017 when I decided I would do this for other people. Friends, family, another nonprofit. Each time learning more and more about what makes a website great for both people and the search engines. After all that, here I stand with my own company, ready to do it all over again for any business that needs that attention to detail, but doesn’t have the time to learn it the way I did!
Dan Brohman

Canadian Advanced Digital offers solutions that bring you in front of your prospects at any time and on any device. We operate to help SMBs and established businesses achieve their objectives, optimize their online presence through the following digital marketing strategies:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Website Development
  • Online Reputation Management

Passion for Your Brand

Our company was founded on a desire to help small businesses establish a solid presence online. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed, and our dedication to that mission shows in the results we deliver. Our full range of digital marketing solutions work to give your business a competitive edge amidst all the clutter.

Your Results, Our Metrics

Your ROI is our metrics. To help you grow your bottom line, we have invested in a proprietary system that lets you see everything we do, as we do it. We give you updates to help you determine how to tune your campaign to suit your expectations and budget.

Dedication to Learn

To be able to serve clients across all industry and niches, we further our knowledge and skills through training. We engage in certification programs to give you access to more powerful digital tools. We don’t stop with what we know: we stay on top of trends and find new ways to achieve your goals.

Powerhouse Team

Our team is your team, so we make sure to select nothing less than the brightest minds in the industry to work on your campaigns. Our diverse team is composed of young digital marketers who stay in the loop of emerging trends, and industry veterans who make sure we’re aligned with proven methodologies.